Audio Production

I am a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer, arranger, sound-engineer and composer. I believe I have the ability to listen to a song, a track, a composition, and know what it needs to sound right.

I also like listening to people.

I remember recording my first band demo in a 24-track recording studio in 1982.  Although the engineer was technically competent, he wasn’t able to understand what we wanted to achieve and how to capture the essence of the band. The end result didn’t show what we tried to represent.

Following this disappointment, I experimented with a Tascam 244 ‘portastudio’ 4 track cassette recorder and a Shure microphone. I was able to experiment with sound, to record various takes using different microphone placement, letting a singer decide where he/she would prefer to sing ie: in the bathroom, the cellar, the living room – Every room had its own sound and atmosphere so the singer would feel and perform differently.

This is when I realised there was more to recording music than just becoming a technically good sound-engineer. I was trying to capture what I thought sounded “right”. What I mean by “right” isn’t necessarily sounding pleasant to the ear but what sounds right artistically and it is essentially this approach that I use to this day as an audio producer.